Welcome Back After A Full Year of Absence

It seems that I have somewhat slacked off lately, and by lately I mean for the past twelve months. Huh, time surely does fly. I am now a fifteen year old blogger with a new idea as to how I will be running this blog and new inspiration. More knowledge and more books are backed behind me then I had in the beginning of last year. I wanted to begin again not because I felt bad for not writing, but because I really wanted to start again. I just recently began a new class called Contemporary Literature which is a type of glorified book club I get school credit for. I will be learning more about writing reviews, talking about books, not that the school requires me to read, but books I want to read. So as I write more about topics you may want me to talk about (I will be taking requests) I will be learning with you. I just wanted to iterate that I will mostly be only writing book reviews and quotes of the week with a few posts like last year maybe half as often just because of the work I put in behind them (or intend to).

I cannot wait to get back into my writing schedule (once a week every Sunday) and get comments from people who may actually read my blog for some odd reason.


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