About Me

Well, to start off my name is Zachary, I named this site pagevandal because whenever I come across other avid readers they screech with horror at the sight of my books. Mostly (I believe) because I fold my pages in to keep track of where I am or to bookmark a quote that I really like. Apparently this is a taboo that I have no care at all for. Also people seems to be intrigued with the fact that I deface my book with pen and highlighter. I underline major plot points and annotate for the use of character analysis. Highlighting also lets me keep track of great quotes within a book that I plan on writing into my commonplace book (there will be a future post on this do not fear) for future use.

Also as stated in my Introduction post I said I am a major nerd… and I am. No need to hide it, I love everything I love and am proud to acknowledge my inner nerdiness if you will. To state a few things, i have watched the new Doctor Who about three times almost fully, and watched the original series almost once, I am on series 14 with Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. Continuing, I have seen Supernatural about two times almost, I am not caught up at all. (As if anyone could be with all these things to read, shows to watch). Sherlock I have sadly only seen one full time, but I am going over it again for the fun of it. Other things such as Lord of The Rings, and A Song of Ice and Fire I have not seen there television and movie adaptations yet I loved and am loving the books as I go. While things like Star Wars and Batman I have seen the movies and are reading the books and comic books. Finally there is Pokemon. The Fandom I have been a part of for almost eight full years. I have played every game and am extremely loyal.

Other than this I also pretty much do nothing. To keep me occupied I read and have a pretty large reading list consisting of about the average 282 books, you know, the usual. And most of you must be yelling wondering why I haven’t read Harry Potter(UPDATED: I have), and that is because I just never seemed to see the need with having watched the movies, until now, I plan on reading the heck out of those books just to catch up to the others of that exclusive Fandom (is it weird that I call them fandoms because I don’t think so). I rely mainly on books to keep me sane and not go crazy in the real world (Although I could already be, ya know… crazy).

That is me, if you have any questions concerning myself, just ask and I will always try to answer, even if the question may be absurd.