Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Review #8

Sunday March 19th Review’s part 2

I thought it appropriate to review the two books that shared the connection of one fine author and enough nerdiness to bring a crowd of fangirls, and boys, together. Oddly enough, I never hear much about us fanboys, it’s always just the girls, but whatever.

Anyway, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I think I liked this book better than Carry On honestly. The connections to myself and my habits was astounding. Her writing habits, her major in college, her life. I connected, I feel like many people probably connected, people like me, nerds. Anyway her is Cath, she lived in Omaha Nebraska and moved to Lincoln Nebraska for College. She has a twin sister who she trusts with her life, and a father to watch over her. She’s a complete introvert and hates going out, and hates meeting new people, especially when doing so and it backfiring. Oddly enough, her twin sister did not want to bunk with her after 18 years of living in the same room, and so she had to meet her new roommate. A nice friendship grows and this becomes one of the best things to happen to her indirectly. This novel follows betrayal – albeit somewhat minor at points, and heartbreaking at others – romance, and fun nerdiness that I think many people could relate to. Fanfiction in general draws a whole slew of people together so this book fits all of them, and even those who don’t read fanction, such as I.

Some good features about this book, are the basics mostly, the plot was lacking a bit, but I hardly noticed, I went through this book almost as fast as Carry On. It follows a good story and that was enough for me. There was one loose end to this story which I kind of did not like, but I can live with it, I think it was kind of explained, just not clearly enough.

Another feature about this book is the characters. I loved most of the characters and I hated others, none of them were badly written, it’s just that some of them were either college jerks or ignorant in general to everything. The main characters are all lovable and break standards I think, the story leads Cath through a hard life, or at least a stressed one and it makes me personally think about my own and accomplishing things. She’s a writer and reading about her made me want to write. I wrote a thousand pages on my own personal fantasy story today and I feel good about it. The characters are great and motivating and just good.

I really liked this book and I want to read more by Rainbow Rowell but I feel like nothing else she can do will live up to my love for Carry On and Fangirl.

5/5 It’s a good read, worth the time, it’s quite quick actually.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – Review #7

Sorry for not posting last weekend. I know no one actually reads this blog, but I know that I have to continue or the writing will stop completely.

Anywho, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, the fanfiction everyone who has read Fangirl has heard about. The idea behind this novel first came from Rainbow Rowell’s original work Fangirl. Because of the popularity of the fake fanfiction, she wrote a book to commemorate the success, and this book was just as great as it’s forerunner. The story behind this book seemed at first to be simple, but it was anything but. The teenage magician, Simon Snow, has had a very Harry Potter esq. life. he lived as an orphan, found out her was a wizard at age 11, and went to wizarding school. The similarities might seem outrageous here, but their is more. It’s not bad because of this though. This book has an original view on the whole idea, it switches things up, it makes new romances and friendships that never could have happened in Harry Potter. Carry On is an amazing book with a great plot that was intriguing and distinguished, great characters that you could relate to, and an interesting setting even with the Harry Potter similarities.

Now, the plot. The idea behind the plot itself was truly interesting. The twists and turns and the foreshadowing are really in depth. Rowell rights like a person who knows what their doing. She made it seem as though you had read the other books in this fake series that was made into a fake fanfiction that you are real reading. She allows for the characters to manipulate the plot and move it. To create a changing atmosphere that keeps the reader reading.

Again, the characters, they are the main interest to me. Having read this story before Fangirl, I was not in the know of the idea behind the romance in this book. Knowing the background it shows me the premise behind this book. It’s fanfiction about two gay lovers. Simon Snow and Basilton Pitch. It’s kind of similar to the Harry potter fandom’s Drarry shippers (Ya know, people who think Harry was gay for Draco and vice versa). Anyway, they are not the only characters, we also follows some very interesting lead females and background characters. We meet a girl named Lucy who is very important to the story that you really could not guess until the end, the Mage, he reminds of Dumbledore a bit, except much more exploitative, I don’t like him, and Ebb, the goat herder, probably my favorite characters (honestly she’s great, a good Hagrid similarity there too).

The setting was London, I know… Harry Potter it set their too but get over it, read the book and you’ll love it anyways despite the fact that it really is just a fanfiction of a fanfiction.

The book was great and I could see myself rereading it at some point. I would recommend it to anyone who reads fantasy books or even likes romance. The style of writing is great, and the perspective shifting was a good change of pace. I binged this book. I read 400 pages in a row then fell asleep to only begin again once I woke up. I was recommended this book to me by a friend and I loved it.



I’m posting a Fangirl Review soon.